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all. in india. the movie joins people to be a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial truly the torch was the. new can of worms we're told. to go. run to the colonel was her job as
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a retreat. takes tools choose debut as default deadline and possible catastrophic economic consequences don't make is continued to go on capitol hill preoccupied with party political brinkmanship over extending america's credit limit and we're live from new york with the latest. problem and admits pilot error caused last year's presidential plane crash that killed president lech kaczynski and scores of top officials but we're also those official reports still puts part of the blame on russia despite criticism from aviation experts. hundred fifty thousand anti-government protesters streets across israel demanding prime minister netanyahu step down with some saying the arab spring has now spread to israel.
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hello and welcome to the program this is. where you and your. main story now the political game of chicken as china has put it is continuing in washington as the country heads towards a disastrous default for weeks now lawmakers have been struggling to reach a compromise deal to raise the u.s. debt limit and with just hours left till the august second deadline calls intensifying for politicians on capitol hill to cut their. partisan bickering and just do that and cheese in there enough for joins us live from new york with the latest hello there marina so we hear cautious claims that the two tribes in washington may be getting closer to reaching a deal so what does this mean and what can we expect next. well what we
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hear and what we see are two different things in terms of what is happening in washington regarding this debt deal it's been dramatic there's been a lot of political process during taking place but no deal yet sunday morning we did see u.s. republican leaders take to all the mainstream media saying that a deal is close shortly after we saw u.s. democratic leaders say that there is no final agreement later on about four hours after that there was a vote in the senate where senator harry reid's plan for this debt deal was actually voted down it only received fifty votes and it needed sixty to pass that was a democratic plan at this point what we know is that the white house is holding closed door meetings with republican congressional leaders but there is a lot of division that still takes place and the world is watching as the richest country in the world this so-called economic leader is getting to the point of
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a deadline were if an agreement is not reached there is a chance that the u.s. can default on its loans for the first time ever in history and as experts have said this can per. set off another financial crisis in the u.s. and one that could spread throughout the world. and what sort of a compromise deal can we expect from the lawmakers now. well what we're being told what is being reported is that the republicans and democrats are trying to agree on a deal that would raise the debt limit in two stages that would get that would get the u.s. through the two thousand and twelve elections and that amount would be anywhere between two and three trillion dollars and at the same time they're trying to come to an agreement that where they would cut the u.s. deficit by three trillion dollars over the next ten years the sticking point here
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is where to cut spending the republicans do not want any taxes raised the democrats do not want programs such as social security medicare medicaid to be touched so at this point what both parties are trying to come in agreement come to an agreement on are is where to cut three trillion dollars over the next decade and it's coming down to the wire and it's not looking very good for the u.s. overall right now inside the united states the u.s. republicans and democrats divided but to the rest of the world it looks as though the u.s. cannot lead they can't compromise they can't find solutions and so where is their credibility so marina please tell is the general perception in the u.s. who's to blame for america possibly facing a default. well i this point i could tell you the overall climate within the us is a climate of frustration americans are losing out while all this grandstanding this
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is part of these public partisan politics is taking place where you see republicans and democrats and the u.s. president barack obama getting in front of television cameras day after day delivering their message it is the americans that are going to take the brunt of this burden and overall it's the u.s. lawmakers and those that are taking the opportunity to bicker to to mudslinging to not come to a compromise and as a result of that there's been a bloc cloud of uncertainty uncertainty hanging over the u.s. overall foreign investors are very concerned the u.s. is biggest lender china is very concerned about the fiscal management of the united states the fact that there can't be a compromise the u.s. business owners are hesitating from hiring new workers because there is a lack of confidence in leadership here in the u.s. we should mention that since one thousand nine hundred sixty of us has raised the debt ceiling over seventy times and whether the ceiling is raised or not inevitably
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i believe it will be the root of the problem is the debt and the growing debt the debt is growing and the u.s. leaders are not coming to coming up with solutions on how to reduce the debt if the u.s. were to default on its loans this would mean a catastrophe for the u.s. economy it would trickle throughout the world and what it would mean in the u.s. that interest rates would rise people would lose jobs it would be a replay of the two thousand and eight fiscal crisis so at this point i could tell you that the consensus is most of the most americans is that their elected officials in the u.s. cannot leave they could do a better job fighting and arguing then lead it if they come to a compromise that will happen but it will happen at the last minute and some say that so much damage has already been done to the reputation and the credibility of the u.s. economy you know right marina many thanks indeed it marina reporting there live from new york for. and. the president of
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a new york based financial advisory said it says u.s. lawmakers only have time not if i lost a minute quick fix deal that's unlikely to be effective in the long run it's good that it's happening the way it's happening is not very good because i think we were three to six months ago in a position where we probably could have had a more substantial deal to solve the problems that were in the country but the politics has put no that put us in a place where we're not going to have eight ok type of compromise even if we get the most aggressive of the tides which is somewhat closer to four trillion or we'll only just be managing to bring down the debt level of the u.s. to about eighty percent level right now so right now we're just talking about slowing the next celebration of the problem which is look it's better than nothing at least if they can get something it won't get worse and worse but as far as putting us on a good trajectory we need something somewhere closer to the three to four trillion
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dollar over ten years range to even begin to address that. as the u.s. is not the only place struggling to deal with financial crisis massive debts in europe dragging more and more countries into trouble with persisting concern over the economic stability of the eurozone and the impact problems or not. we should greece from the euro zone long ago. so the greek drain has started to affect spain as the country prepares for the worst of its credit rating exacerbated by fears over the new european deal to rescue the stable partner were reporting that in a few minutes. also has admitted that pilot error led to polish presidential plane crash in western russia which killed the president lech kaczynski and scores of the country's top officials but the government commission still laid part of the blame on russian air controllers for the disaster in april
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last year and. reports now on how a national tragedy has become overtaken by politics. another day another blame game poland's very own probe into last year's presidential plane crash all but confirmed the findings of russia's investigation that the crew was almost solely responsible for the tragedy of this point there is an obstacle a tree that the aircraft collides with a fragment of the left wing is detached the aircraft begins there are taishan but let me emphasize it's not that the tree was too high the aircraft had simply been at a location where it shouldn't have been it seems the very things that got in the way of the plane are now getting in the way of warsaw taking full responsibility and trees are not the only thing rooted in poland failing to see eye to eye with moscow . here's where the approach controller two thousand metres away should have told the crew to start descending. commands should have been issued exactly at this
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moment on the shows that the landing zone controller was performing his duty in an incorrect way on this day. such statements come as little surprise to experts with some of them saying acceptance of total responsibility would be impossible for the polish society they've been given the truth and the truth is unbearable they can't take it now i don't think that the polish investigators think they can pin the blame on anybody else but i do think that they are looking to pin some of the blame on somebody else aviation experts echo this opinion calling the swipes against the russian side and substantial some of the claims concerning the airport or controllers they have nothing to do with the crash i've been a pilot for over thirty years and i know a simple rule if you don't see the runway or it's like of the decision height you have no other choice than to raise the landing gear and go to your reserve airport
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the initial russian investigation was greeted by a novel launch of criticism from some movements in poland they expressed doubts about. the reliability of the report often based on anti russian sentiment and some experts say it is not pure emotion driving this but well thought tactics computer but if you ski here i think we're now witnessing some political games to shift the blame from the polish side of the i was an expert in this commission and i was surprised to learn that the crew was chosen immediately before the flight so actual full preparation for such a high profile flight publication of this report had been delayed for several months and was very much anticipated in poland it was meant to put paid to all speculation regarding the plane crash but instead it could once again be used as a political tool experts say the timing of the publication is not coincidental this could be exploited also in the political. campaign because this should be known that the. interactions this report and all of that issue
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but if your tablet will be. even easier is it in the electoral campaign and the twin brother of the late president kaczynski was quick to prove this suggestion with a sharp round about the report. the prime minister to say has no courage to take up the responsibility for the plane crash and has shuffled it off on to his staff nevertheless he is responsible for all the games he played with the russians he's responsible that they are not conducting or even participating in the investigation he's responsible for not defending polish interests and at the international fora will get to the bottom of this case as this is what we owe to those who died while the polish society is still deciding whether to admit the painful responsibility which comes with a report experts are speculating whether this is a fair and objective investigation or an attempt to police all in the long lost in
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the blame game. our reporting from warsaw in poland. on. for a closer look at the timeline of the polish presidential plane crash visit our website. you'll find at the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder providing a detailed insight into the tragedy as it unfolded home is the place to go. israel has become the latest middle east country to see a nationwide anti-government protest at its peak some one hundred fifty thousand people took to the streets on saturday after more than two weeks of rallies protesters are demanding that prime minister binyamin netanyahu step down unless he undertakes sweeping economic reforms. attended the biggest demonstration in tel aviv for. well these easily a hundred and fifty thousand people here with the most popular chant being we demand a social justice
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a whole new way of speakers have been taking to the stage they've been calling on unity and message coming across very strongly is one by one people here can bring change a lot of criticism being leveled at israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu in fact if he time his name is mentioned he is good why are you here tonight i'm here because it's just becoming possible to live in this country anymore we work we give and we give and we keep on giving their all and there's no end to this is though as this is our only hope we have to change those because we don't have any other choice so would you say people have been inspired by the demonstrations taking place there as well as or what is your sign saying this is going to go home like the gaza leaders on earth why do you want him to go home. alone because of the full distance how much of these demonstrations i mean inspired by the protests we saw taking place in arab world well i think there's a lot of influence of what happened in the ground and now syria lebannon and what
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you see in libya also there's a lot of influence of those and that's when people understand i do have the power that they can they can organize by then does it don't need any more the government to tell them what to do they can start throwing the government what they want. to do you know they can they can start deciding for themselves take the power back to what they said is the spirit of revolution here a number of israeli populace some singers have also been taking to the stage and one song that was sung had a chorus and i'm translating this is the new middle east we created the storm the future it's up to us. between forty five and one hundred people have been killed in syria by government forces storming the city of hama according to local human rights groups u.s. president obama has vowed to increase pressure on the regime after. they fresh round of violence but it's about time president of the ira blew it's a station so what's the promise is allowed won't bring positive results president
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obama says what he's saying everybody in syria and out of world immediately respond . by the rest of the afghanistan situation all of these things and your dreams and it doesn't give any comfort however i think the west can actually and the world can assist the syrian regime with an exact policy a quiet calm time to explain to them what the ways that they can move into rather than just making statements and changing the rules but the west seem to be content with condemning and making peace crazy statements whether it's you know the regime is let's the majority not. and this is r.t. later in the program. a depression where it spreads across japan sending the country's already high surfside rates soaring as exotic over radiation creeps the population falling marchers earthquake and tsunami. the debt crisis raging in
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europe is claiming more and more economic scalps spain's suffering recession and mass unemployment has now been put on review by the credit rating agency moody's the international monetary fund has warned france that its credit rating could be slashed if it does not impose more spending cuts meanwhile the euro zone's biggest bailout recipient agrees has been dealt another blow by one of europe's main creditors germany's finance minister has warned the you won't write a blank check to buy the bonds of failing countries in a move also intended to deter other troubled state from a believing maurine is on the way despite reckless boring and economics author patrick young says kreis should have been pushed out of the hero's own long ago. this is typical of contagion we've been talking about it for weeks we have you know when you get some degree of illness and it goes through the body ultimately you
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have to decide when to amputate it and the truth is we should have amputated greece from the euro zone long ago there are fundamental problems going all the way through the euro zone and we don't have any leaders who are willing to give us a sustainable solution we've got the situation at the moment where provincial library use in northern germany are being closed because the money isn't there because it's being used to fund people in the mediterranean i think german voters are going to get very angry about that very very soon and i actually think the political will is not there amongst the people to endlessly keep bailing out their solve their neighbors it's going to be a huge problem because ultimately the contagion is going to hit and i really do believe that after last week's events unfortunately we only inch closer to the idea of the total your real meltdown. the user under strain by the country which has as its headquarters belgium is literally at a breaking point it's on the verge of splitting between the flemish speaking north and the french speaking south and as all he's done our bush all reports other you
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countries all the altering developments carefully for fear they could be repeated at. some weight to their divorce before planning their next marriage but not one load near the southern region of belgium the country's been without effective government for a record fourteen months french speaking while looms in the self's and flemish speaking flanders in the north disagree on pretty much everything many analysts think the most likely outcome will see the country break into as soon as it splits with flanders is complete the world will look to hook up with france for richer or poorer but mainly for richer. going it alone when your small region is clearly not appealing they say political clout is important the main appeal is money that is one hundred. years part of france in everything but name that we have the same language we watch french t.v. not belgian but above all our economy is controlled by french crims. polls suggest
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that whole foods and sixty percent of the french want to become one presidential front runner marine le pen last week said she would with the southern half of belgium with france president sarkozy's ruling party and the opposition are already in talks to tie the knot we have contacts with other parties with you m.p. and we have contacted the socialist it has been confirmed to us that's in case belgium would speed up then one would be welcome in france. the biggest party in the northern half want to split two experts say build gyms already divided people don't know any more about the other half of the country the flemish people don't know who are the popular singers or writers today in the french speaking part and vice versa king albert fears bill jim's national day last week was its last he added the crisis threatens not just every belgian but european integration itself
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a continual o.p.m. calles the e.u. is scared that the divorce of belgium the rest of your. catalonia leaving spain scotland leaving britain we're really seeing separatist marchers in mixed community towns here turned violent with guns getting called it takes just one big clash for brussels to become. that conflicts or a mass killing suffered in europe since world war two neighbors turned on each other as you can slow of your broke up and the determination of regional identity is not to be underestimated fridge unionists say they have the flag and everything else worked out to become france's twenty eight region all that's left are the details of the new bush you'll see brussels. check out our website. that's a quick look at what you can find online right now a birthday party onboard a river pleasure boat in moscow turns to tragedy with nine dead after it sank
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following a collision or that more about. ukraine craves for thirty seven miners have died in two coal mine accidents as the first few holes have been held for more details on this story and lots more not go to our website article. under a very rare glimpse of nature's power and the habit that caused in russia were good stunning pictures a whirlwind sweeping through the country's far east in which one person died i witness is say the wind literally lifted. three people is off a balcony before dropping them back to the ground and one was coated by the forty or so we're going to have injured at least twenty eight as a tall roofs of buildings and uprooted trees brought down power lines and
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overturned many cars more these stunning pictures available at auntie dot com for you. and brief news from the rest of the world at least eleven people have been killed in a blast at a police headquarters in southern afghanistan the taliban has admitted responsibility for the suicide couple the target in the city of la garde most of the victims were police officers so it's less than a fortnight since nato led forces formally handed over security in the city to obgyn troops. under a mound in sicily has erupted again after four episodes of volcanic activity this month flames and burning out have been shooting two hundred fifty meters up into the sky and was the strongest of the recent eruptions the latest activity began on saturday morning and continued into the weekend no casualties or damage have been reported so far. japan is struggling to cope with the psychological consequences of
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martyrs tsunami and earthquake with an already high suicide rate rising even further since the catastrophe the government is concerned the country could be in the grip of a depression epidemic with many worried by radiation fears after the nuclear disaster which followed thomas reports now from the country. a triple disaster on a scale the world has never known causing damage destruction and uncertainty forcing tens of thousands of japanese refugees to leave their lives behind and seek shelter anywhere they can some people do. but the but the problem is the minority they be they have been accused by. their classmates all you know. of course by offshore. causing. the people. not.
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primarily a move towards self-preservation this idea of desertion is defined by many as characteristically in japanese and has earned of those who have evacuated the dishonorable title of traitor. of course it's hard to hear that we have family neighbors would think about our health but in other words we ran away whiskey because we're scared of radiation but there's no example in the world of something similar and the consequences are still ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing that guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression here. organic farm us committed suicide because you know the. soil is everything
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they have good soil for after many hours of hard work on a just contaminated one night going to go so. far so i'm very sad to hear the news and many other also very much depressed a recent national survey in japan performed by dr roshini and his team shows that suicide rates in japan have been found increased in the months since the disaster compared to the same timeframe in the previous two years but the demographics are not what you might expect. to date increase the. note. but if you're areas because. striving to you costs. they have not had to make suicide this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and
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such constant reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami disaster plus nuclear disaster many people actually lost their jobs or their working on the show house crushed. so. yeah they have of so many good reasons to commit suicide. causing japan's death told to keep rising even though the initial disaster subsided months before in japan sean thomas over to pope supportive of here in just about fifteen minutes before that a chat with the legendary rock star brian may it was an out interview guest and you're watching i'll see broadcasting live from the center of moscow you know very well come on the latest headlines in just a few moments and stay with them.
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